The Voice

Social media has claimed a firm place of importance in branding for a while now. There is no denying its many benefits when it comes to building a platform and creating a powerful touchpoint between the company and its customers as the closest-thing-to-word-of-mouth marketing that we have available. It leverages being able to talk to your audience, track how and who they talk to about your brand, and aggregate all of this data to provide demographics on a social and personal level. As far as advertising and public relations are concerned, it’s been a game changer – and it’s here to stay.

In our modern economy, the big box landscape is diminishing; we are turning scale on its head, and are pursuing small over big. “Shop Local.” “Know who makes it.” A key aspect of successful branding as we move into this new era of of scale implosion will be to push away the idea of becoming a large-scale corporate brand, and pursue the idea of becoming a brand that is close and relatable to the consumer. Brands can now engage customers on a more personal level, and the opportunity to build a smaller following of incredibly passionate people will be far more powerful than trying to build a large following of disorganized individuals who do not really have an affinity or loyalty to the company on any level of real engagement.

Certain brands will do well to work with the stereotype of a “social” brand – minimal / modern / flat works well for a lot of new tech companies. But for others to copy it just because it is trendy is really only a dis-service to the social platforms they could truly build if they were to try and define a personality for their company and communicate who they are and what they stand for in a clear, approachable way.

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