Information is the currency of the twenty-first century.

The twenty-first century has been dubbed, among other things, the “Information Age.” We live in a period of time where, more than ever before, endless information has become available to any one at any time. The creation of the Internet made knowledge present at our fingertips – so much so that any question we may have is easily answerable within seconds of a Google search. Now that the vast majority of individuals have this technology compacted to a smartphone that they carry with them everywhere, a car ride’s conversation with friends can be fact checked on the go by that one person that always wants to be right.

But the Information Age defines us not merely in the prevalence and accessibility of data, but also in the value shift that it has brought within us. Information is now something that we venerate. It changes the way that we interact with brands and products. Brand loyalty is not only based in the hip aesthetic of its identity, but in its message and how it informs us. As that brand shares quality information in its messaging and culture, it gains a position of trust in our minds. Effective brands will position themselves as experts in their field.

We live in the Information Age – not only because we are surrounded by it, but because it is the currency of successful marketing in our time.


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