email marketing

For a fraction of the cost of traditional media, you can personally speak to existing as well as highly targeted and qualified prospects who have opted in to receive your message. Your costs remain fixed as you increase the names on your list, unlike traditional direct mail. And with the addition of the names you are gathering through price inquiries, this list is filled with the best qualified leads you’ll ever get.

Email blasts are the most cost efficient way to speak directly to your customers and show them how much you value their business. Expenditures in commercial email will maintain significant growth in the coming year, claiming more than 15% of all direct marketing advertising dollars in 2012.

We can design and help you implement proven email list building campaigns and distribute your message without increasing your current advertising budget. With our creative, your email blasts will stand out...they will be interesting, attention getting and break through.

And here’s the best part. We will customize a program that is affordable to you. In some cases, less than the cost of a single TV spot!

We’ll get you ready, hold your hand, and help you measure results. We’ll be there with you. By merely reallocating your marketing mix this program will not increase your advertising budget but increase your bottom line. Email us now for a free evaluation of how this powerful program will help you beat the odds and position yourself for the future in this tough situation.

Nurture and human nature. Consistent email blasting nurtures your relationship with previous or current customers and encourages loyalty and repeat business. Meaningful engagement through email can serve to keep you on the top of consumer’s mind. Are your marketing messages getting lost in the clutter of mail, email and advertising? email marketing (we call it etailing) is the most cost efficient, easy to target tool available today. You can achieve great results with email marketing with minimal time and cost involved. It is an ideal way to drive prospects and customers to your website and stores.

Here’s where we come in! To do all this right, you need to take a professional approach. We will help you through the process of sorting through this information and create communications that convey your message with well-designed, appealing layout & design, useful information and clever attention getting copywriting. etailing offers you an affordable solution to keeping marketing expense down and increasing your return on investment.  

If you are hesitant, remember you may not be etailing, but you can bet your competition is. At macy advertising, we’ll design a customized program that will get you through this difficult economy, fits your budget, and position yourself now and for the future. And we are available 24-7. Contact us now for a free evaluation of how entailing can work for you! 

We can't stress enough, nothing is more important than capturing an email address. You spend a ton of effort and cash getting people to visit your store and website. If you don’t maintain some way to contact them again -- you need to spend all that effort and cash (on other mediums) over and over to get them back! That increases your cost and reduces your profitability. If you get their email -- and send a memorable, informative, well designed and written communication -- you can encourage them to visit your store or website again and again. Inexpensively.

We can help you build a loyal, preferred customer email list. Or we can cast a wider net with our append service. Using your current direct mail list. Call Bob Macy at (717) 951-3804 today!